Simultaneous Echos 2009
Masaki Fujihata -a "Field-work" in Londonderry-


"Simultaneous Echos" is the most recent production of the series "Field-works," compositing video images and locational data captured by GPS, production was made in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK. The project is focused onto music production within a "Field-works" style cyber-space. It is a big challenge how can I organize sound materials into music composition. It could be only possible to have a certain collaborator who has skills and senses, but actually it had happened. Music composer Frank Lyons is a professor at school of Creative Arts at Maggie campus, University of Ulster. With his deep understanding from classical music to local traditional music, and of course of computer music helped this production a lot.

"Simultaneous Echos" 2009 in collaboration with
music composer: Frank Lyons
programming: Takeshi Kawashima

made possible: ISEA 2009 Belfast
+ Ulster University, N.Ireland, UK.